Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hey, Baby, Que Paso?

Holy shit, time goes by fast. I do owe you a follow-up: for the starter smackdown/ cookie contest, I made sausage balls and the Tartine gingerbread cookies. I really hesitated on the cookies, because I hatehatehatehate rolling out dough, but I was pretty happy with the way they turned out, so I guess you can say it was worth it. The cookies took third place, in spite of my FORMER BFF's not voting for me because she doesn't like "those old-fashioned, cake-like cookies." You are dead to me LVC. See if you get any maxi-pad crafted Christmas gift from me this year.

Another awesome party we went to was the East End Christmas Toy Drive and Freddy Fender Tribute Concert. Los Skarnales and Umbrella Man played, and they were fucking fantastic. I'm still amazed that Umbrella Man hasn't broken out more--I expect they will be any day. [They're supposed to have a new album almost ready.] You can check them out on YouTube; my favorite live performance is "Cumbia del Sol."

The party also featured a side-show by the Latin Fantasy Lowrider Club. My favorite car had these murals of absurdly voluptuous Aztec goddesses. You think I'd be used to it, but it's still so embarrassing to see my image airbrushed on cars.

party poster via Orange Show
car photo via Dipity


  1. Damn. I guess it won't be a Lexus December to Remember for you after all. FYI, I did vote for your cookies.