Friday, October 10, 2008

Be Awesome for Halloween

You are a total hoser if you don’t dress up for Halloween. Granted, I haven’t dressed up in a few years, but I am about to change that this year. I have an idea … but it’s a surprise!

Actually, I have lots of Halloween ideas. I’ve put together a few sample ideas for some of my favorite bloggers. If you find yourself in need of inspiration, send me a link to your blog, or just describe what you’re doing on Halloween night, and I’ll give you a hand.

Emily and Rob: Alice and Ralph Kramden!

Soletrain: ODB. Wouldn’t you pay money to see Uncle John wearing a grill? Anyway, I’m sure he already has the outfit. He just needs to accessorize with a 40.

Bunny Tomerlin: Goth princess. Because I bet she’s never even worn PVC.

(Polyvore set via Haley)

Grosgrain Garage: preppy Jesus – Bonnanos, tunic with gingham trim and a ribbon belt, pearls worn as a thorny crown

Megan: Now that she's succumbed to making wreaths, Megan's next step is to get a call in to Jeanne Bice for one of those Quacker Factory sweaters. Hottt.

Decorno: Sarah Palin, a.k.a. Governor Barbie – because D. could get totally loaded at the party and still make more sense. She should go Miss Wasilla-style, wearing an American flag wrapped around her torso as a strapless dress, fastened with a McCain-Palin 2008 pin, and of course The Glasses.

JJ: I bet JJ’s looking pretty fine these days. She needs to pour her sexy self into a Joan Holloway-style pencil skirt.

SGM: Rachel Zoe (obviously). She’ll need to go out on the mountainside for a few days without moisturizer (or solid food), but she’s got the lingo down. But she needs to be the Undead Rachel Zoe – instead of a fur, she needs to wear, like, a whole animal carcass, and maybe some vampire teeth to represent how she keeps her “youth.” (Note: sunglasses and handbag to scale)

Pigtown-Design: Meg should be Mario Batali, because 1) she could use pork as an accessory, and 2) it would be an excuse to eat everything in sight. [Dude, I should have saved that one for myself.]

And her cross-continental companion: Sucker for Marketing – Gwyneth, because she’s perfect in every way. And she should dress in full-on Ice Princess mufti.

Sarah’s Fab Day: Serena from Gossip Girl. Pretty, but capable of kicking ass when necessary. Also, Sarah would get to keep the wardrobe, which would make her happy.

(polyvore set via ZhEnYa)

Sara: Steampunk heroine Amelia Earhart

Biddy: Biddy should wear a white shirt and pants, covered in white balloons, and go as a bubble bath. She could use a bubble bath these days. Plus, when they check her into the asylum, she'll already have an outfit.

Susannah: She would make one sexalicious Bond Girl.

Cote de Texas: I saved the best for last, Joni: time to bust out your crimping iron.


  1. OMG, this is SO good!

    Will you come north to Kansas and help me every year for Halloween?

  2. Awesome!!! I'd pay to see Bunny in that get up. As for me? Well, I'm scared I'd be struck by lightening :)

  3. I am ALL OVER this. Loved the undead twist.

    Now I just need a party to go to.

  4. As I was reading this post I was thinking "Oooooh! Me! Do me! Do me" and mentally raising my hand.

    I love that you see the bound up Bond Girl hiding just beneath my jeans and sweatshirt! Mwah to you! Beats the year I went as Mommie Dearest and carried a wire coat hanger. (I was 8 years old).

  5. Don't you think SGM should be a real housewife? Or jeff lewis?

  6. YES, I have a party! I'm gonna comb the consignment stores for a fake fur. Do you think I can convince Frank to go as Brad?

    What, pray tell, are you going to be, Mamacita?

  7. I am SOOOO totally Mario! Except I don't cook! What's really funny is that last year I went as Kitchen Nightmares! I got a chef jacket and put roaches and rats all over it and then had a bloody chef's toque! Did you know that???

  8. ODB made me crack up!! how do i get that hair>!!?

  9. Hello! Where the hell have I been? Your costume for me would be perf...did you see my capelets today? Totally channeling Blair.

  10. these are fantastic and I love love love that you chose bloggers as a way to showcase some fab clothes. I ADORE IT!!! Great work.

  11. ...I meant costumes, not clothes. But then again Sarah, Susannah, and SGM get some pretty fab clothes out of the deal. Win-win!

  12. omg omg omg - I just saw this I am hysterical - I dont NEED a crimping iron - i have natural frizzy hair all on my own!!! you are soooo right! I need to be her this halloween. love this - great post! I am cracking myself up. her hair! - what is wrong with her???

  13. Ha ha - love this post! Great ideas - I may even steal one!