Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinterest Pet Peeves

I'm going to have to unfollow some people today.

1. A picture of a cup of tea sitting on a bare, painted table--why did you even pin that? It's just a stupid cup of tea. Yes, you're so very pure of heart and unmaterialistic. SIMPLIFY, as your innumerable wall hangings say.

2. Equal and opposite: freeze-ahead Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole sounds hella-gross.

3. Who the fuck buys dryer sheets*? And why would I want to know any "other" uses for them? *If it's you: stop it immediately.

4. Thanks for sharing your "Inspiration" board full of celebrity misquotes, but I evidently know more about men, love and life than you will ever learn.

I'm sure there are more. What are your Pinterest pet peeves?

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  1. Love this! Don't forget to pair #2 with a NSFW victorias secret photo of a woman's abs.

  2. YES. And a workout routine that suggests 100 situps, 100 jumping jacks, 100 squats ...

  3. Relieved to find I'm not a peeve-producer. :) Frankly, I've had to unfollow most of the sweets/baking stuff -- it was causing way to many cravings!

    And am I the only one getting tired of just-so fashion stylings? I'd like some more creative, real, stylish (rather than fashionable) inspiration.

  4. You're never a peeve-producer: have you notice that you're half of my re-pins?

    Agreed on the fashion business. The only ones of interest any more are the posts from Advanced Style.

  5. I am SICK OF IT ALL. And I'm not even on Pinterest! I am just tired of all lifestyle blogs and photos of wealthy white people and their depressing stark white homes, trying to look alternative with their blurry table shots with "sunset lighting" and their mismatched linen napkins, and you know that they can't be real on any level because all they ever do is jack photos off the internet and post status updates on facebook all freaking day long.
    That's it. I'm starting smoking again.

  6. Anything where someone wrote "Love!"

    The trailer park recipes that use kool aide, sprite, cake mix, or any other heavily process "food" product that makes the US the epicenter of obesity.

    The nail art. It's so ghetto.

    The weird braiding that is happening right now. Who wants stonehenge recreated on their head?

  7. How about people that decide to do a blue board (or red, or sweet...) and then, for the next two days, fill your feed with EVERY blue thing they can find, regardless if they pin straight from a google image search for "blue"! Gahhh!!!