Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Manolo Blahnik!

Today we honor the master! I believe it was Joan Rivers who once described his shoes as "Park Avenue fuck-me pumps." In any case, you should celebrate by buying me these, the most perfect pair of shoes ever designed. I take a 38.5.


  1. Your shoes are in the mail!! hehe
    Thanks for your comment to Cote de Texas and btw - it IS just paint. Don't let your husband do the decorating!!!! Stand tough.

  2. I concur, don't let me do the decorating!!!
    When it comes to asthetics, I confess I lack any ability to judge good from bad.. That is why I don't dress the kids without vetting my decisions through Mamacita first.

    I don't recall caring about wall colors. Perhaps she proposed painting the walls grey and I commented that it was "too trendy". If that was the case, I meant "Painting walls is too trendy", not any specific color.
    IMHO, walls should stay the same color they were when I arrive( unless someone else wants to volunteer to do the painting.)
    I personally find our "white w/peanutbutter fingerprint accent" walls near perfect.