Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Conversation Between My Children in the Year 2050

Emmet: Remember that time Momma was supposed to take us to the Perseid meteor shower viewing party at the George Ranch?
Becca: Oh, yeah, but we never got to see the meteors!
Emmet: Nope. The old cow decided we should get Mexican food on the way down there...
Becca: ... and promptly got drunk on two strawberry margaritas!
Emmet: Then she made Daddy drive us all home...
Becca: ... and she conked out by 9.
Emmet: She always was a lightweight lush.
Becca: Yep. So anyway, let's go with the cheap nursing home.
Emmet: Damn straight.

Gorgeous photo of the George Observatory via slipshod snapshots (not by me, obv.)

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  1. Mine will be in total agreement with yours. I can hear them plotting my demise already.