Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If you were going to buy a new purse... should think about getting this one from the Gap. Bless their little hearts, they're trying so hard these days. I just wish I could show them $160 worth of love.


  1. If I were going to buy a purse...I'd get one that would make it easy for the wife to find things, then I'd give the damn thing to HER

  2. I used to buy everything from the Gap and now I never even walk in there anymore.

    btw - afton oaks is so overpriced. all those houses I showed were - but you know what - people from all over the US are shocked at how cheap everything is here. We really are spoiled rotten in Texas. In CA and NY they pay so much for nothing but a room or two.

  3. I gave Target $50.00 worth of love and came out with two cute purses. It's purse heaven over there right now!