Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NYC Part IV: Other Landmarks

Oy, I forgot to post the last installment.

I was desperate to see Central Park, even though it was 22 degrees outside. I hired a pedicab that took me around the southern tip of the park for 20 minutes. A lovely trip, but I became very concerned that my toes were going to fall off (in spite of Smartwool socks and knee-high leather boots). I would really like to see more of the park when everything is in bloom. And when it's not 22 degrees.

Of course I had to go by and see Grand Central Station. What an amazing place. This is the zodiac mural on the ceiling.

photo via Wikipedia

And I ate at the Grand Central Oyster bar. Roasted oysters in anchovy butter--oh hell yes. I think I need more anchovy butter in my life. And way more NYC.

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