Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What mamacita is...


"Always keep bacon in the house."


Improbably enough, Papi liked this more than I did. I thought it was misogynistic.


  1. im curious to know why you thought it was misogynistic. i agree but havent heard anyone else say anything but how cute it is...

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  3. I totally agree that it was misogynistic - I walked out of that movie theater with my feathers seriously ruffled! I hated how blank the female protaganist was and the thesis that she was heartless/cold/confusing because she didn't want their affair to be more than it was, even though the movie tried to pretend it actually thought she was always way too cool for him. But really that self-absorbed, entitled resentment was always just their, lurking underneath the film's surface.

  4. Exactly what Rachel said. The character was the girlfriend from hell that men warn each other about -- hot and cold, impossible to predict. And her character was only sketched out in the most shallow way.