Thursday, July 1, 2010

What mamacita is ...



I Am Love is one of the most (visually) beautiful movies I've seen. And, honestly, Tilda Swinton ... enough said. All of it was well done -- acting, directing, writing, and the COSTUMES -- Lord have mercy, those were beautiful clothes.

Last weekend inadvertently turned into an Italian film fest. When I went to see I Am Love, I saw that Mid-August Lunch was also playing. The poster intrigued me, even though I'd never heard anything about the movie. Papi let me sneak out two days in a row, and I did enjoy it. But if you only get a chance to steal away to one movie at the art house, it should be I Am Love.

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  1. God, it was SO GOOD. I LOVE HER! That opening scene with the snow. Gorgeous. The clothes were fabulous. I really liked her jewelry and her sunglasses too. But the best thing about that movie was the house.
    I've been sneaking out to movie's too. Today I'm going to see Winter's Bone.