Friday, July 16, 2010

In related news, Ed Wade was named General Manager of Gothamist LLC this morning

Gothamist LLC closed their site, Houstonist, today. As far as I was concerned, Houstonist created some of the most useful (and certainly unique, and most definitely updated) content on the Internet. I have always thought that the one place the magic interwebs sometimes fail to deliver was on information to be used in, you know, the fleshy world. To me, Houstonist did a good job of bridging that gap.

I'm still not sure how this was anything but a good deal for Gothamist: there were certainly ads on the pages, and page views. It appears that the site was built on the same code base that they already had -- and continue to use -- for their other sites. Contributors to the site were not paid. So in spite of steady income, minimal expenses and free labor, Gothamist couldn't turn a profit?

I guess it doesn't matter now. So long, Houstonist. My thanks and best wishes to you all.

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