Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Totally Urgent Nail Poilsh News

home row, yo, originally uploaded by houston mamacita.
I tried this nail polish, and I like the color. Sometimes it looks brown, sometimes gray. You know, greige. It's by Essie and it's called Merino Cool. Men seem to hate it, which is a sure sign of its coolness.

And no, I can't straighten my middle finger. It's crooked like that all the time.


  1. Query: Did you buy a whole bottle or pick it out at a nail place? I'm oddly fascinated.

  2. bought the bottle at Ulta. Had the name wrong, BTW: it's Mink Muffs.

  3. hey, i've not been by in awhile - you changed that super cool blogheader? i hope you and your family are doing well!