Monday, December 27, 2010

Run, Don't Walk

photo via Nicolas Genin
The King's Speech is every bit as wonderful as you were hoping it would be.  Colin Firth, OMG.  (Is that an order of knighthood?  It should be.)  I know the movie isn't playing everywhere, but if I were even within two hours of a theater (MOM) I would rush to see it.

FYI: It was showing on two screens at the theater I went to, and all showings were selling out. I think it's going to break records for per-screen average revenues.


  1. Going to see it on Wednesday--can't wait--although I expect to cry through half of it. My son had a terrible stutter when he was really little. Thank god for speech therapy.

  2. Even still, you probably won't cry; it's really funny.

  3. Here in the middle of nowhere, it's not playing. I call Bullshit.