Sunday, December 5, 2010

I thought I posted about this last year, but evidently not.  American Science & Surplus (yes, A.S.S. har) has all kinds of cool stuff.  I love getting Christmas presents for the kids from them.  Last year Santa brought E&B a laser pointer, a pocket microscope, and shrinky dink film.  This year in the sleigh (so far) are a 3D drawing pad (complete with glasses), a can crusher, a 10' long sheet of adhesive dry erase board, a bag of rocks for experiments, and a simple telescope.  They also have marshmallow guns, potato guns, robot parts, hexabugs, gyroscopes, and all manner of tubes, bearings, wiring and gas masks.  And French riot helmets!  Hydraulic cylinders!  Solar-powered flashlights!  So much fun stuff you'll have a hard time choosing.

Not a paid review or anything; just passing along the info.


  1. Love this site. I need another hour to poke around to see everything. At least an hour.

  2. If you're ever in the cities of Chicago or Milwaukee, a trip to the brick and mortar store is absolutely worth the trip. They aren't as snide or hilarious in their price card descriptions as they used to be, but it is still easy to whittle away several hours and a portion of your wallet- no problem. Your hands will get dirty, but your soul will be spun around and handed the Piñata stick...
    Also, when leaving the Chicago store, proceed down Milwaukee AVE. to Nagle/Devon, and head to the SuperDawg Drive In, complete with giant fiberglass wieners (Maurie and Flaurie) in "party dress" on the top of the building. Place your order, and an actual carhop will come out to your car with your SuperDawgs and pickled green tomatoes. ( shakes and malts in Chicago, too.)
    The Science Center and Superdawg- a perfect Chicago day.