Thursday, February 24, 2011

Queen of the Internet

Before today I'd never heard of Dawn Meehan or her blog, Because I Said So. But I found her via some links today, and she's very funny. Best of all is the hilarious eBay post that started her writing career -- I am still wiping tears from my eyes.

By the way, I didn't realize that I had passed 1,000 posts on this here blog. The 1,000th was "I Fucking Hate Facebook." So suck on that, doctor friends; have you written 1,000 blog posts read by maybe 5 people total? NO YOU HAVE NOT.


  1. That eBay post was hysterical. And congrats from one of your five readers on the blogging milestone.

  2. Thanks, guys. This actually made me pretty happy.

  3. Goodness, Mami! 1,000 and counting! You know my devotion is never ending!