Friday, May 20, 2011

This Week in Fuck You: Norm McDonald and Sexism in Sports

I used to like Norm McDonald. I thought he was very funny on SNL; I thought they were wrong to run him off. I usually like his stand-up routines.

But Norm's new show, Sports Show with Norm McDonald, grates my nerves. 80% of his set list falls into two categories:
1) "hoo-boy that Tiger Woods sure is a hound dog;"
2) women's sports are dumb.

As far as the former goes -- well, everyone struggles for material, I guess. But the latter really pisses me off. His basic -- I should say "base" -- idea is that no one wants to watch women's sports, and the sports are therefore useless. Fuck you, Norm McDonald. People watch women play different sports than what they watch men play, but the ratings for some women's sports are better than those for their male counterparts.

Norm, I think it's high time Serena Williams send you the way of historical footnote Bobby Riggs.


  1. While we're using the F word around here...can I say "Fuck you Lance Armstrong!" He really pisses me off! One of the reasons why I quit going to the 24 hour fitness is because they put pictures of that smug mofo all over the walls with self-quotes about what a badass he is because he had cancer and rode his bike and won anyway... If I had some performance enhancement drugs maybe I wouldn't have this flabby belly I now carry around...just sayin'.
    Thanks, Mamacita. I feel better now...

  2. The secret is to dump your wife for your girlfriend, then your girlfriend when she gets cancer. Flat belly in no time for narcissistic sociopaths.