Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Advice Needed

Have any of you ever made salt cod--as in, cod baked in a salt dome? I have a ton of egg whites leftover from making ice cream*, and cod is on sale, so it seemed like a possibility. I was wondering how difficult it is; if it results in black smoke coming from the oven; and, most importantly, is it worth it?

*So you wanna hear about that ice cream? 'Twas Pumpkin ice cream, and I thought it was delicious with gingersnaps.


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  2. It is very easy and so worth it. But what are the egg whites for? It's just salt on the bottom and salt on the top.


  3. Hmmm... I saw a recipe somewhere that used egg whites to give structure to the salt crust. I'll have to check that out. Thank you, HOBAC!

    [Put now what will I do with all these damn egg whites?]

  4. souffles are really easy too!

  5. You are so smart! The kids would be so impressed. I've never made one before.