Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Finding New Movies for the Fam

Asha had a good post up the other day, reminding us to flex our library cards this summer when looking for DVDs. I'm having some luck finding titles at the library that were mentioned on GKids.

GKids is the site of the New York International Children's Film Festival. They feature foreign movies made for children that didn't get a wide release in the US. They're big on Hayao Miyazaki/ Studio Ghibli movies, like Ponyo and Kiki's Delivery Service, of course. I think this might be where I first heard about A Town Called Panic, which is funny and quirky and beloved in this house, yet absolutely not something I would have known about without GKids.

Now, if Letitia were here to keep me honest, I would have to admit that the kids aren't always enthusiastic about the movies I pull up from that site. Chiefly they are resistant to any movie without a Happy Meal tie-in, or not titled Shrek 4: Yet More Booger Jokes. That's why we had to institute a 10-minute rule: you watch it for 10 minutes, and if you still hate it, you can opt out. [Why yes, I have found a way to make movie time a chore; did you doubt that I had it in me?]

Also, I am probably the last person to know about this, but I've recently started using Commonsense Media's site to figure out if a movie is appropriate for my kids. For example, I was sure E&B would love Moonrise Kingdom, because I loved it so much--and there was really only one (potentially) objectionable scene, in my memory. But looking over their review, I realized that they will probably enjoy it much more in a couple of years, so why not save it?

I resisted Commonsense Media for a while, because I thought it might be run by insane fundies, but it turns out that's not the case. The site has also been helpful in pointing me toward some iPad apps that I didn't know were out there.

Finally, yes, we're seeing movies at the megaplex, too. I'm not trying to be this guy. Last week Papi took one for the team and escorted E&B to see Epic. This was poor planning on my part--it means I'm on the hook for Smurfs 2.


  1. I often check Commonsense Media but then again I'm the parent that sees appropriate for 12? Oh well my 9 year old will love it. Their info is good like you I resisted at first even though I like to be a rebel sometimes. I'll have to check out GKids.

    1. Yeah, I am extreeemely flexible about those ages. Cursing? Pfft, these kids live with me. Nudity? It is so not a big deal to see nekkid people. The most helpful info for me is some kind of night-terror index. I don't want the little bastards sleeping in my bed 'til they're 25.

  2. You had me dying laughing! I'm with you about the night-terror index, so the most important thing. When my son broke his nose I let him watch Rush Hour. I know, I know, but I was desperate and I knew he would love it (especially all the bad words). Bad parenting decision (my husband was appalled) but since he was so miserable I thought what the hell.