Thursday, December 4, 2008


Huzzah -- I've been invited to a cookie swap. Now I need some help figuring out which cookies to make.
There's the Nutella cookies, which are molto delicioso.

Or these lovely Trios that I brought to the swap last year. They taste fine, but they're mostly pretty.

Or these Brown Butter-Brown Sugar Shorties -- even their creator, Smitten Kitchen, acknowledges aren't the most attractive things, but they are (supposedly) delicious.

Or the Peanut-Butter-with-a-Hershey's-Kiss cookies. Everybody likes those, and they're easy. What are they called, anyway? [Please do not say, "PB Blossoms" because that is majorly gay.]

Or bourbon balls. Because they will get you drunk.

Care to weigh in?


  1. Make that a second vote for the Nutella cookies.

    They look reasonably pretty, chocolate is involved, and no one has traumatic third-grade memories related to the recipe. What more could you ask?

  2. I'm partial to the Nutella cookies, but you probably already knew that. The peanut butter cookies with the Hershey's Kisses are pretty awesome, too.

  3. PB Hershey Kiss cookies are the cookie swap cookies most preferred by men. Nutella cookies are preferred 6 to 1 by discerning eaters. 6 to 1. The numbers speak for themselves. Plus, there is little to no chance that someone else is showing up to the swap w/ Nutella cookies. Also, nobody needs to evangelize for the PBHK. Someone needs to be out there spreading the Nutella word.

  4. Let me know what you decide because I think I am going to a cookie party next weekend!

  5. I can't believe there is even a discussion here. Bourbon balls win because of their ability, as you mentioned, to get you drunk. They're perfect because they are delicious and you don't have to eat enough to get drunk. The option is simply available to you.

  6. bourbon balls!!

    oh, hi, I think I'm usually just a lurker here.

    what better way to introduce myself than by yelling "bourbon balls!"? Also, there's rum balls. Maybe you should make both? Or just cut all cookie pretense and make jello shots?

  7. I am eating choc chip cookies with black pepper. a chef friend made them. very good with a little kick at the end.

  8. Make the kiss cookies --- yummie

  9. Did you know that I have never tasted Nutella? Bought some today.


    It's prob just a little more addictive than heroin. How do you not eat the whole container in one sitting?

  10. Peanut butter kiss cookies. There's nothin' better in this world!

  11. Those bourbon balls don't looks so good...but I'd love their recipe it they'll get me drunk. Otherwise, write me and I'll share mine.

    ɹǝƃƃolquǝʞoʇ ʇɐ ooɥɐʎ ʇop ɯoɔ

  12. I think the kiss cookies are called Sandies - at least that what we call them in this neck of the woods of Houston (that neck being our house in the heights!).