Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What mamacita is...

Papi and I couldn't get into this show at first, but enough people kept calling it their "favorite show" that we had to give it another try. For whatever reason, now I think it's absolutely hilarious. We've been watching the episodes on Hulu. This season has me in tears with laughter.

This was really and truly coincidental, but today's Amazon Gold Box deal is the box set of Seasons 1-4 at 60% off regular price (in case you're interested). If you order it, make sure to get the Christmas DVD at the same time, because you'll get another $10 off.*

*Disclosure: I bet I get a shiny nickel out of it if you order through that link. Which is obviously the only reason I blog -- for all the phat loot.


  1. I've tried to watch a couple of times as well with no success. Maybe third time's a charm.

  2. Start with the Danny DeVito seasons and see if you don't like it more. I think that's what did it for us.