Monday, December 28, 2009

My Year-End List is Better Than Everyone Else's

Maybe you're at work fucking away the rest of the year until everybody gets back to work in January. That's what I'm doing, anyway. To facilitate your fucking away, I thought I would point you to some of my favorite writing from the year.

First: delight in Bonnie's stories of "The Worst Things I Ever Wore."

Pants: Ugly, but Dry My mom was and is a big thrift-shopper, so these navy-blue bell-bottoms with colorful flowers embroidered on the bells were out of style by the time I wore them. Describing them now, they sound sort of cute, but here's the problem: another girl in my third grade class also had them. A girl known for wetting her pants. Those pants. [More here]


  1. Yeah, it's me and the B-team. Which ones of us do you think are fucking off, and which one do you think is working her tail off handling the high priority "we must get this done before the end of the year" shit that's coming in.

    Yep. Exactly who you think.

  2. Yeah, I'm actually having the same problem today. Except with the regular team.

  3. Hi there. Glad I could help you fuck away the rest of your year. Anytime...