Monday, May 3, 2010

Lemonade Day

Yesterday was Lemonade Day. E&B set up a stand with their buds Jonah & Toby.

We made compost cookies. [Jen, you should try these -- you make a regular cookie base (sugar, butter, eggs, flour, etc.) and add your favorite "mix-ins," some sweet and some salty. The kids chose cocoa krispies, M&Ms, Cinnamon Life, Heath bar chunks and pretzels for their cookies. Next time I might substitute Crisco for a little bit of the butter so they won't spread as much.]

Letitia made their awesome shirts.

In total, the Hello Kitty jewelry box-turned-cash register collected $22.

In the evening we went to a skating party, where Becca shook it all about.


  1. Brilliant! And those orange skates are so stylish!

  2. See, I didn't even know they still made 4 wheeled skates!