Monday, November 8, 2010

Funeral Food

My grandmother passed away last Thursday.  She hadn't been well, and I'm glad she's not suffering any more.  Of course, I still miss her very much.  She was a great lady.

The funeral was yesterday afternoon, and all weekend long people brought food over to my parents' house.  My Lord how we ate.  Ham, potato salad, fried chicken, heros, ham, rolls, cole slaw, pork roast, ham, gumbo, smoked chicken (OMG so good), meatballs, ham, chili, pasta, dirty rice (the best I've ever had) ... not to mention chocolate cake, brownies, molasses cookies, tea cakes, hummingbird cake, pumpkin spice cake...  If grief can be cured with food, or even just ham, we are well on our way.


  1. I am so sorry about your grandma, sweetie. Cherish your memories of her! Your spread sounds very comforting. I want to learn about hummingbird cake. Good luck returning all that Tupperware.

  2. So sorry to heat about your loss but WOW! you had a grandmother??? Lucky dog!

  3. At one time I had three grandmothers and a great-grandmother. I am pretty lucky. And at least I still have one!