Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More than a Room Mom; Be a Room NINJA

My friend Cayce just found this, and it is genius: an online sign-up sheet.  Click on that bad boy to see it in its full glory.  Never again have five versions of Taco Soup at your soup swap!  Never again chase down parents to paint faces at the fall festival!  And I think my favorite part is that you don't have to log-in or even register in order to use it.  

Yo, it's a free service; nobody's getting paid to pimp it.


  1. God Bless America! It's just in time for Thanksgiving! I was about to call the whole bitch off and just get a bucket of KFC, as I do most of the cooking for the fam and while my sister shows up with just a bottle of wine. Now, I will HAVE A PLAN. Thanks, lady. Now, if I could just do anything about those pitiful Longhorns, Thanksgiving might just not be a train wreck...

  2. Dreading Thanksgiving with the Aggie relatives. I think the game might not turn out the way I'd like.

    P.S. The Popeye's on Cameron Rd. will sell you a whole fried turkey, and even alcoholic little sisters can manage a sweet potato casserole. You need to free yourself up to man the bar.