Thursday, June 9, 2011

If You're Aiming to Buy the Best Father's Day Present Ever...

Check out the Nerf Super Soakers:

I got Papi a pair of these Hydro Cannons so he could have some lovely bonding time with his children. [Don't mind the negative reviews of the Hydro Cannon -- for an adult, the pump action is easy and it delivers a good blast of water. Ask me how I know.]

But if if you're looking for something more lightweight and maneuverable, the Thunderstorm might be the way to go. Extra clips are a must.

However, it's no fun to play by yourself. So get him a pair, or better yet, buy something for the kids that will be dwarfed by dad's power. Life's a bitch, kiddo. This two-pack of Hydro Fury Water Blasters  should do the trick.


  1. We bought those for the boys for easter. Ours, at least, have been awful. The navy ink bleeds!

  2. The navy ink from the casing bleeds? Which ones did you buy?

  3. Kara- Yes, this is Mariana. We bought the boys some of the handheld nurf super soakers. I can't recall if they all bled, but one of them definitely did because I got navy ink all over my hands.

  4. Ha -- I forgot you do your shopping for Cameron in the same places I shop for Matt ;-)