Sunday, June 5, 2011

Two Guys Walk into a Costco...

Longtime GQ restaurant critic/ food writer/ contrarian dickhead Alan Richman is buddies with Eric Ripert, chef/owner of Le Bernadin fancy-pants seafood restaurant in New York City and Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey. [I kid. He seems like an okay guy.] So Alan, who lives in Westchester, NY, decided to surprise Eric with a trip to the local food market, i.e. Costco. Hilarity ensued. Eric was skeptical but was ultimately impressed with the dinner they made from their purchases. Still he insists that he never wants to go back. Why you gotta be a such a hater, Eric?

Now hold the phone: you boys realize that Costco is pretty high-end for American food, right? Especially in richest-zip-code-in-the-country Westchester County. Even most Costco shoppers aren't putting "obscure little white" wines and triple-cream cheeses in their baskets, I assume.  And I'm a little offended that y'all didn't even give the rotisserie chicken a try.

But what would be really fun is taking Eric Ripert to, oh, I dunno -- Golden Corral. What is the French word for sneeze guard?



  1. Or el Supermercado Michoacana. I love it when food snobs get real.

  2. How Eric Ripert can be friends with Richman AND call Anthony Bourdain a very good friend is beyond me.

    And I would pay money to watch him at Golden Corral.