Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Secret Menu Items

There was a great thread on Reddit last week: "Fast food employees: what is the best thing on your restaurant's menu that no one ever orders?" 

Now I ask you, is that most-Reddit question ever? Anyway, it pointed me to my new favorite thing: Pineapple Dr. Pepper from Sonic. There is REAL pineapple in it! I mean, it's life-changing. [The Pineapple Diet Dr. Pepper, fortunately, is also good.]

Sonic wants you to use this as your wallpaper.


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  2. I am having extreme cognitive dissonance from this. Pineapple in a DP? I've put peanuts in my DP before, and I'm a Pepper, fo sho. But pineapple? This sounds sacrilegious. I wonder what Jesus would think... I'm gonna have to put you back on the prayer list, mama.