Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vinegar Valentines

I don't know if this is the same one.

Over at Collector's Weekly there is a post today about Vinegar Valentines. I never heard of them before today, but I think that must be what my Grandmother received one year as a kid. She told me that her maternal grandmother gave her a Valentine that said something about being an Old Maid. It broke her little heart so much that she remembered it decades later. Can you even imagine doing such a thing to a little girl? And listen, my Grandmother was no pansy, either.

Just in case you ever thought that the Internet invented rudeness.

HT: Sarah Pavis @ Kottke

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  1. That old maid is my spirit animal!

    BTW, I am going private on my blog -- I don't seem to have your email but wanted to keep in touch with you that way. I've been quiet for a while but am hoping to ramp it up soon. Would you mind sending me an email at camilla dot grigsby dot com?