Saturday, December 1, 2007

10 Things I Didn't Know Last Week

1. Mary Edwards Walker was a feminist, physician, spy and abolitionist and the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor.
2. Neil Diamond wrote "Sweet Caroline" thinking of Caroline Kennedy.
3. Carolyne Roehm's real name is Jane Smith.
4. "We Can Work It Out" was only released as a single, never an original album track.
5. The Beatles catalogue is still not available in any online format.
6. As of November 2007, the Beatles' solo catalogues are available on iTunes, though.
7. Rube Foster was the first president of the Negro National League.*

*Okay, I have to tell you how I learned this. I volunteered to judge the 3rd-5th grade History Fair at school. I was assigned to the third grade individual entries. The little girl who won was far and away the best entry I saw. I talked to her mother (an acquaintance of mine) after the event. She said that he daughter was REALLY into black history (a little surprising, since she's not black, but that's so cool, right?). The mom said she asked her daughter if she learned a lot in doing the project, and the daughter said, "not really -- I kinda already knew all that stuff." Apparently black history and baseball history are her two favorite subjects and she reads about them all the time. I so love that kid.

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