Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No Shopping Love for Mamacita

I love the post-Christmas sales, because I am a materialistic brat and yet a cheapskate at the same time. Usually December 26 is my time to shine, but I'm feeling no love today.

Late at night on Christmas Eve I started my pre-shopping online. I found that Lands' End's post-holiday sale is disappointing -- limited selection, and no shipping deals to be had right now. Early this morning I checked out and found some cards I liked, but again, the shipping is outrageous (16% of the order!). So at 7:30 this morning I set out for the shops. I got to Bering's early and waited in line for the doors to open -- you cannot question my committment, here -- in search of cards and paper, but it turns out that they sold out of paper on Christmas Eve. [I guess they're glad that they didn't have to mark down their inventory, but surely they left some money on the table because of it.] Then I went to Tanglewood Pharmacy, but they didn't have anything I wanted (I should have pre-shopped last week, but I was busy). Finally I got to the Container Store, home of mucho-cute wrapping paper, at 9:30, only to discover that they opened early today, and were PICKED CLEAN by the time I got there.

This is on top of the trauma of trying to choose a color scheme 12 months in advance -- will I want candy colors, or maybe brown-and-red? How can I possibly know?

BTW, I'm not linking any of these bastards. They will FEEL MY WRATH.


  1. Hilarious!!

    I'm so glad you found me and most importantly, I found you!! I am in the Heights...are you near?!

  2. I'm in Oak Forest (just north of the loop). We'll have to get together sometime.

  3. I'm new here, and I'm a few days late commenting on this one, but YES! I dragged myself through Target, World Market, etc. on Christmas Eve for the paper sales and they had crap. I settled for some I found at Container Store that was in classic reds...but what if I don't want red next year? What if I want green? what if I want to go modern? Bratty, but there it is.