Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Of Interest to the Grandparents Only

On Saturday we went to the open houses at Rienzi and Bayou Bend. There were lots of flowers, some crafts and a petting zoo.

That little guy on the right is a Highland bull. He kept trying to get busy with that (male) llama. We had lots of fun with the animal kingdom last weekend. I think I saw at least 15 kinds of scat.

This is Emmet feeling uncharacteristically brave. He wanted to go off the trail and into the gulley. I could hardly say no, right?

Today it was raining, so we went to Chick-fil-A and then to the library. E&B love curling up in these egg chairs and reading. Emmet is working his way through the Captain Underpants series.

As you can see, Becca has a crack problem. But when your hiney is that cute, why hide the whole thing in your pants?

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