Friday, March 12, 2010


So what did you today? I bet you didn't go to any pig races.

I had to chaperone Emmet's field trip to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo today. It was not a roaring success -- too crowded, for one thing. But hey, pig races.

I could have watched these chicks all day. I saw one chick pop its way out of the shell. There were several others lying on the table, and I thought they weren't going to make it, but when we walked by later they were all moving.

Inside AGventure, there were tons of FFA kids hanging out with their livestock and running booths for the cattle industry, the dairy industry, etc. This is a great display about the products made from cows. Look kids, Bessie will make so many useful things -- like herbicide!

Emmet's favorite part of the entire rodeo was riding the tram back and forth to the parking lot. We spent about an hour and a half doing that a few times. He knows how to show a lady a good time.


  1. Funny because Saturday Big went to get this, The Ostrich Festival. With the grandparents of course. Ostrich races, pig races and a monkey show. Wow is all I can say.

  2. Ha! We're having our rodeo too! Been dippin Skoal all weekend to prepare... Does your rodeo have a carnival? We're looking forward to Charley Pride on Sunday nite. I think that tram ride sounds divine, and I'm glad the chicks made it.