Monday, March 21, 2011

Attention, Young Entrepreneurs!

Emmet was excited about the root beer-making kit that Grams and Grandaddy got him for Christmas. With Papi's help, he got to make the root beer over the weekend. [It was flat as hell, by the way, but he sure enjoyed it.]

I especially loved this insert in the kit. For only $10 (plus shipping!) you could add another kit -- and then set up a root beer stand!

Let's do some math:

Cost of original kit=$27.00; cost of refill kit=$10.00; cost to ship refill kit= $5.95; white and brown sugars for mix (supplied by you)=+/-$1.00; total quantity made= 4 gallons. So for $43.95 you could produce four gallons of root beer. That's only $11 per gallon! What a deal! For that 25 cents you're charging, you could sell one jigger of root beer and make mad profits!

I'm sure the line will go around the block, young entrepreneur!

On the other hand, I guess it's never too early to learn about pyramid schemes.

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  1. The bright-eyed boy told me just the other day about a kid he read about who made something like $15,000 selling lemonade. I think he said it was in Houston, too. I obviously didn't do any research on this-- maybe you've heard of him?