Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What mamacita is...

Tony gets drunk and cuddly in Vienna.

From the Amazon $5 bin. Fantastic record, but it must be taken in small doses. Too much Alison Krauss will send me looking for the nearest bridge to jump off.


  1. first my libido went UP with the Tony B picture and then went crashing
    with the cover of the CD. So sad what age has done to Robert Plant. To quote The Great Stern: "he looks like someone from Middle Earth!"

  2. If you like it, check out his new album Band of Joy. Awesome and atmospheric but not quite so down. And there are some rocking yet weird bluegrassy tunes.

  3. Mamacita! It has been so long! This is Valerie from Unbounded Moderation, which you so kindly have a link to in your sidebar. Sooo.. I feel kind of weird saying this in the public comments, but oh well. You were my first real, live blog reader who wasn't a friend or family member I roped in- thanks :) Anyway, Unbounded Moderation is defunct now, but I moved over to miniskirtmurder.com, which is relaunching on Friday. Soo.. I'm back, and glad to see you're still around!

  4. Oh, cool, I'm glad you're back!