Wednesday, October 31, 2007

From a Couple of Weeks Ago

I never had the chance to blog about a recent project: birthday presents for Luke and Toby, who were turning four; and Dagny, who was turning seven. Possibly my favorite thing in the world is buying presents for people, and I really had fun with these.

I asked Luke what he wanted for his birthday. His reply? "Gum." Okaaaay. As it happens, the fourth birthday is pretty big for a lot of little kids I know -- it's when they are Officially Allowed to chew gum. So for Luke and Toby, I put together these tin lunchboxes full of the sticky stuff. That's Big League Chew, Fruit Stripe, Bubble Tape -- all the classics -- and more.

For Dagny's seventh birthday, I found this cute little bag at crewcuts and had it monogrammed for her. I think she likes it -- I've seen her carrying it a lot. That's my big tip for buying kid presents -- they love almost anything with their names on it.

God, I love crewcuts. I wish I could just order the adorable, mute little children from the catalog.

Oh, and there was one more thing. Toby has an obsession with ice cream scoops. [One of the redeeming virtues of preschoolers is their hilarious obsessions.] So as a little bonus I bought an ice cream scoop and spray painted it gold. You would have thought it was Excalibur the way he wielded it over his head and proceeded to bash everything in sight with it. I'm sorry to say I didn't get a picture, though.


  1. I love that bag almost as much as I love adorable mute children.

  2. What great presents -- I love the gum packages (and would never have known!)

    Crewcuts -- wow, how cute. I would have loved this