Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What mamacita is ...

bitching about today:

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. What the hell is going on? Let’s see – I’ve been working out. My friends are kicking my ass around the gym. It’s my goal to one day get on a weight machine after an old lady and not have to move to a lighter weight. In the meantime, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. (But it’s a good hit-by-a-truck.) I expend all of my mental energy during the day scanning my immediate vicinity for a place to lie down.

Still working on the Fall Festival. It’s in two and a half weeks. I’m starting to get phone calls from crazies (“Can I set up a booth to paint henna on kids? And then you can just pay me in cash for whatever tickets I collect?” Um, no.) Everyone falls into two camps these days: people who won’t fucking leave me alone, and people who won’t return my calls. I hate them all.

Also due before the end of the month: hosting a Halloween party at our house for a hundred or so people and buying our neighbors' house. I’m thinking of taking up the hammered dulcimer, too, because I’m running out of shit to do.

Papi Chulo has been in California this week. The dirty little secret around Mamacita’s house is that Papi does ALL the work around here; you can see how this would play out in his absence. I summon all the patience I can to help with homework, etc. (from my reclining position on the couch), and then the kids are all, “We don’t want microwave popcorn for supper again.”

And the kids are having problems in school. Nothing really serious, but enough that I’m getting phone calls, notes sent home, requests for conferences, etc. It’s a long fucking story, but all explanations end up in the cul-de-sac of Horrible Mother Street. I’m around other kids all the time, and mine don’t seem any worse, really, but still, I get calls. Emmet’s main problem is that he is a nervous little man, and every time he gets fussed at in school, it makes things worse for him. But my pleas for mercy on his behalf only make me seem out-of-touch to the teachers.

I keep running out of emergency chocolate. I can’t sleep past 2 a.m.

So, as much as I enjoy blogging, my heart hasn’t been in it lately. I’m still reading a lot of other blogs – while lying prone, of course. But it feels good to get all that off my chest.

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