Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Top Five Favorite Things Letitia Made Last Year

  1. Plum ginger jam
  2. Green chili chicken stew
  3. Chili mole
  4. Blueberry jam
  5. Coco jam
Use the comments section to demand the recipes. If she doesn't comply, I'll give you her home address.


  1. The bacon crackers and the bacon candy didn't even make the list? Man, that mole must have been good...

  2. The mole is a Michael Chiarello recipe made w/out lard or beans. I don't remember if I just left the lard out or used butter instead. My guess would be the latter.

  3. Did you leave the lard out because you are philosophically opposed to it, or did you just not feel like buying any for a single recipe/

  4. I don't have any philosophical objections to it, I just think it is, for lack of a better word, icky. I'm sure it is what makes tamales delicious, but I would have to be absolutely convinced that it was a necessity to go out and buy it. Also, I am not sure you can buy it in non-industrial sized cans. In general, I think butter makes everything better.

  5. Actually, I was at Walmart last night and I was SHOCKED to see many, many sizes of lard for sale! I think the smallest I saw was maybe double a Crisco cube.

    But I absolutely agree that butter makes everything taste better.