Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Other Meme

It's been -- sheesh, nearly a month -- since SGM tagged me. Without further ado:

A - Attached or single?
Attached. Like a barnacle.

B - Best friend?
Chandler. Wayyyy better than Phoebe or Rachel, for example.

C - Cake or pie?
How about a cake with a pie on top? You should make one of those so we can see if it's any good.

D - Day of choice?

E - Essential item?

F - Favorite color?

G - Gummy bears or worms?
Gummy worms are too disgusting to ponder.

H - Hometown?
Bridge City, Texas

I - Favorite indulgence?
Letting Papi get the kids ready in the morning while I sleep late.

J - January or July?
July, because school is out.

K - Kids?
There are a couple of demanding short people living with me, but I have no idea how they got here.

L - Life isn't complete without?
Dumb questions.

M - Marriage date?

N - Number of brothers and sisters?
2 sisters

O - Oranges or apples?
Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit.

P - Phobia and fears?
It's more that I'm "skeeved" by animals and mayonnaise.

Q - Quote?
"Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats." (H.L. Mencken)

R - Reason to smile?
Because I know a secret.

S - Season of choice?
The current one, always.

T - Tag three people:
I'm sure by this time, everybody else on the Internet has already been tagged.

U - Unknown fact about me?
I am homesick all the time.

V - Vegetable?
No, mineral.

W - Worst habit?
Taking it personally.

X - X-ray or ultrasound?
As a superpower, I'd have to go with ultrasound.

Y - Your favorite food?

Z - Zodiac sign?

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  1. I think you're wrong about Chandler. Rachel is the only one that didn't make me want to set my hair on fire.