Monday, June 16, 2008

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Last night Cayce had a birthday party for her husband, Carl. The guys played Kubb while the ladies ate and made fun of the guys. Cayce’s house is THE PLACE for a party, and we always have a great time. She basically has to blast us out of there with dynamite when she’s ready to go to bed. Here are some pics from the big night:

Sucking down jello shots with whipped cream, these fathers are secure in their masculinity.

Sweden RepraZENT

John works the supermodel pose. He's a natural.

Why yes, that is a naked toddler drinking out of the Slip-N-Slide.


  1. Whipped cream?! Genius. The nekkid toddler is pretty genius too--smart way to get a drink!

  2. mention of the kick-ass flocking in your Best. Weekend. Ever.!? Sister!

  3. @Nannie -- SOMEBODY still hasn't uploaded the pics and sent them to me. She might need to be flocked again.