Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hear that America? It's the timer. Stripper hair is over. Schedule your appointment TODAY.

P.S. Is anyone else surprised at how generic the Lohans' house is? Carmela Soprano should drop by to give her some decorating tips.


  1. I know she's kind of an idiot but I'm still on the fence about Jessica.

    Denise, oh Denise seriously can't you tell that behind her big hair and fake smile that she's one crazy bitch. She reminds of a girl I once knew that at first glance she seemed ok but once you got to know her, total psycho.

    Dina's house gag, you're right she's a perfect cronie for Carmela Soprano.

  2. I agree that Denise is several forks short of a cutlery tray but seriously... that's what you get when you hook up with Charlie. He is rat-shit crazy.

    I am dying to see the Lohan reality show but alas, it does not play here (yet). I surely will chime in then with something unsupportive.

  3. I beat the timer! Of course I never took the time to get mine that big! That plus the fact that I don't look vapid, that helps too!