Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Shiny, Pink Post

From Mir, one of the Gorgeous Ladies Of the Web, comes news of a deal at Amazon: Buy $25 worth of beauty products from a single Amazon seller and get $20 back (or a free six-month subscription to Us Weekly). [Also, if you spend $50 at Sephora's Amazon shop you get free shipping. What? I'm just trying to save you some MONEY here.]

My list of Things To Try has a bunch of drugstore stuff on it right now, but I can usually be inspired to spend $25 at Sephora. Some ideas:

Carmindy swears by this stuff. I haven't tried it yet.

Aren't these cute? The description doesn't give the dimensions, though.

Sephora Piiink So Belle Multi-Use Make Up Palette, $20
Looks like a good teenager gift.

Sephora Girls Wallet Size Palette, $10
This would be Becca's favorite birthday present.

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  1. Carmindy has it down cold. The eye bright rocks.