Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Am Not Going to Get Sick

Zicam: check

Tortilla Soup from El Rey: check

Hot toddy: in progress

I love this mug. It says, "Mom's Mug."
Not, "World's Greatest Mom!" or "I love Mom!"
It's, "Without Commenting On Her Parenting Skills, This Piece Of Crockery Belongs To My Biological Mother."

Which is why there's bourbon in it.


  1. Zicam is the diggity. I swear by that stuff when I'm sick. You kick that bug's ass, hear?

    PS - I had a bourbon sparkler recently and it was delish! Bourbon, peach bitters and champagne. Pretty much the best thing ever.

  2. Love the mug description. Allergies are horrible here and I'm sipping on Maker's Mark myself. Hope you feel better Mamacita!

  3. 'Mom's Mug' also has a fabulous ghetto appeal.