Monday, January 12, 2009

You Know Who Always Looks Good?

Darcy Miller, who is the Martha Stewart Weddings editor.

She often wears this neckline.

And these great color combinations.

And patterned hose! Too few people wear patterned hose.
[Lousy picture because I had to enlarge it.]

Her wedding picture -- I really like the veil.

This isn't a great picture of her, but how cute is that jacket? I am noticing all of this, of course, because she's short and has no waist -- I can relate, let's say.

And she always wears such great jewelry.
I left this picture larger so you could see the gorgeous necklace.

Also of note: Martha's "behind-the-scenes" article.

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  1. Oh great, someone else for me to be jealous of ;). She is lovely, isn't she - I'd like to steal some of her style, oh and her hair!