Friday, January 23, 2009


I think I'm going to start a blog for all the furniture described as "unique"on Craigslist.

"This is a unique coffee table. It has a cowboy laying down with a glass top." I know I'm gonna have to arm wrestle Joni for this one.

"Awesome Wall Cube Decor." Decorate like the Flintstones!
'In the event that you live in a pineapple under the sea...

Unrelated: It gives me the shivers when someone lists a mattress for sale and describes it with the words, "No rips."


  1. You had me schlep out halfway to Katy to help you with a plain old wicker and glass coffee table when you could have been buying the reclining cowboy and glass coffee table? What's wrong with you?

  2. I truly hope these 'unique' items are all now residing in your home (ha ha). I was trying to pick which one was the worst and it was pretty hard but i'd have to go the flinstones wall cubes, at least you can put your coffee (oh alright, bourbon) on the other ones.

  3. I always wanted to start a blog based on the crazy grammar you find in CL postings. Incorrect spelling, all caps, no punctuation. And just the general WTF that goes on in the listings.

  4. This is a very funny one and the mattress part...ewwwh!