Thursday, March 19, 2009

Don't Look, Ethel

So, I made an offer to the ridiculously sexy Monday Morning Punter, of KSK and With Leather fame. He ran into some problems with hosting the Nasty Fetish Final Four over at With Leather (one-half of it is still running at KSK). Can't imagine why. But of course I said, "Too blue for With Leather? Sign me up."

So pretty soon you'll be seeing a poll here where you need to vote for the nastier of two sexual fetishes. And yes, they're thoroughly raunchy. For a full discussion of the entries, listen here. But if you're liable to be offended, you might want to check back with me next week. On the other hand, if you're looking to pick up a few tips ... how do you know your significant other wouldn't like to do it with knives?

Between the showboat cripples and the degenerate porn, I now am vying for the scuzziest blog on the Internet. Watch your ass, Perez.


  1. Sadly, none of the field of 64 involve Gitarzan.

  2. Well I think the fetish final four will go nicely with the Sunday poetry.

  3. AH! HAHAHAHAHA! Look, I'm new here and have no idea what you're talking about, but this post is just hilarious to read! I mean, Ray Stevens? Fetishes? Such a hoot! Love it.

  4. You're a true American heroine. Looking forward to it!

    [love, the erstwhile futuremrsrickankiel]