Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tea Tree Oil to the Rescue

I just posted this in a comment at Apartment Therapy, but I wanted to mention it to you, too:
image via Amazon
When Becca had her surgery in December, she came home with Steri-strips over the incision. After enough time had passed and the Steri-strips were starting to come off, we used Tea Tree Oil to get them completely off. I think it would also work to take Band-Aids off with less pain and yelling. [FYI: It's also really good for shaving and for cradle cap.]

My friend Cayce told me the best thing of all about Tea Tree Oil: look for it in the black haircare section of the drugstore. It costs about half as much there as it does in the hippie section of the store.


  1. It's a great topical antiseptic, and a good antifungal, as well. It's good stuff; I always have some in my first aid kits.

  2. Also love the tea tree soap/body wash. I even wash the dogs with it - it seem to help keep the fleas away.

  3. I use it a lot on my hands in the winter. Mine get so dry they crack and bleed if I don't keep this stuff on.