Friday, April 1, 2011

Punkin' the Punks

So, this is what I made the little heathens for their April Fools' lunch: 
  • The white things are boiled eggs I put into Japanese egg molds
  • The orange things are "carrots" I carved out of cheese and topped with rosemary sprigs. I am the Michelangelo of processed cheese.
  • The "berries" are little candies from the bulk bin at the grocery store. I think they're jellies covered in nonpareils.
  • Then there is the dirt pudding (chocolate pudding covered with crushed chocolate wafers), complete with buried gummi worms.
  • Perhaps most evil of all, I opened those bags of Lays and replaced some of the chips with dried apple slices. Vitamins! NOOOOOO!


  1. I always say I'm going to do something like this but I never follow through. I'm so impressed! I DID make a kitty litter cake one year for the older boy. Younger boy hounded me to make him one for YEARS. He finally wore me down and I did it again. Nothing says love on your birthday like kitty litter cake. I couldn't even post a picture of it-- you'll have to Google it.

  2. Kitty litter cake is too funny. I have to find a picture.