Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm reading up on this restaurant, Haven. It's a new(ish) restaurant started by one of the church members -- he was a chef at Brennan's before. I love how everybody thinks she's Ruth fucking Reichl now with the restaurant criticism. And even the people who liked the place were stingy with the stars.

"Oh they don't have organic wiiiiiiine..."

"Me and three of my friends..." gave it two stars.


P.S. They have bacon spaetzle on the menu. HELL YES.

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  1. Having worked in the restaurant industry for many years now, I too would like many of those reviewers to die, please. Katie F. seemed like she knew all the hard work that goes into a restaurant and the labor of love that it is (or should be), but many of the others were nit-picking! Do they think they're being helpful by giving the "most thorough" review they can? Loosen up and live a little, people! I want you to have me over for dinner to show me how it's done and then I'll critique you! >:O