Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Crazy People Get Dressed in the Morning

Expect to see more of this picture.

embroidered red Mexican dress purchased at grocery store
no bra
charcoal gray yoga pants hemmed (unevenly) with scissors
pink cashmere socks
navy Bean boots
moth-eaten, 9 year-old black cardigan with non-functioning closures
hair pulled back in rubber band from the newspaper

And only an amateur would be satisfied with watering the plants, or unloading the dishwasher, in such an ensemble. A woman with real panache would wear it proudly through the drop-off line at school, waving like a pageant queen at everyone she knows.


  1. Well they always say it's attitude that sells the outfit. Work that Shabby Chic girl!

  2. This makes me so happy.

    After 20 years of subscribing, just decided I'd had it with Vogue. Edie (and her mama) is so much more entertaining. And there's always the Sartorialist if I want to feel good about my taste...and forget that I live in well-washed yoga pants and black turtlenecks from L.L. (Bean, not Lemon).

    Of course, I did just think to pick up a few new issues of W...

  3. Oh. Hell. Yes.
    Meeting and greeting in all that finery is definitely worthy of a Grey Gardens reference. (Love those two crazy dames.)

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