Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Went Someplace Cool

Well, obviously, any place I go is cool, up to and including the Walgreens, but this place is supposedly cool even when I'm not around.

Little Big's is a new burger place. It has a nice patio. They serve what they call "sliders," but I think the burgers are rather too bulky to actually qualify as White Castle-style sliders. The burgers are good, though -- great buns, and the fries are nice, too (they're salted with sea salt). I didn't try the milkshakes, but they are probably good. There is a White Russian milkshake that I wanted to try, but I decided it wasn't worth braving the line twice.

They were having some service issues, and it was really crowded with two types of people: 1) people who desperately want to be hip, and 2) adorable boys from St. John's who will be pledging Pike at Texas in September. Plus me and Uncle John, and a few other fat old people who just wanted to sit down and eat our food within, say, an hour of arriving.

So I'd give them a few weeks to iron out the service issues, but they're worth checking out. FYI, we were at the Westheimer joint; the place at Hermann Park isn't open yet.

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