Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine Inspiration

In case you will be spending your weekend making a Valentine box, here is some inspiration; go forth and make the other mothers feel like complete failures. Mwa hahahahaha.

I love the Love Bug and Butterfly boxes here
Some ideas for boys' Valentine boxes (good ideas -- no pictures, though)

And here are some actual Valentines, in case you're making those too. I'm sure your "Mother of the Year" sash is on its way to you right now.

Flickr Group: "Paper Valentines Swap"
Flickr Group: "FF's Snail Mail Valentines for Charity"
Flickr Group: Hearts from "The Magic of Nature" Pool. (You could just print these out on card stock and call it a day)

If you're satisfied with being Runner-Up to Mother of the Year, you could also use these free printables. [Each site has several designs.]

Skip to My LouShe also has a whirligig Valentine that a boy would like

The Toymaker
This is the easiest Valentine craft of all
, and, obviously, the one I will be attempting:
Finally, here's a link to Parenthacks' archive of Valentine hacks. Enjoy.


  1. Oh I'm saved, thank you!

    I had these grand plans of photographic my son holding a paper heart and having them printed. Not happening. So tired now.